Have you ever been on a diet before? What about having a gym coach?


Don’t eat this, avoid that. Don’t eat “bad carbs” and don’t even think about having any kind of carb after dark. And never, no matter what, don’t you ever go over 1200 calories.


From restriction to restriction you end up having a handful of food choices, most of which will likely be bland, tasteless and quite colorless or, worst case scenario, rice cakes.


And then there is the gym. Oh, in the gym you are told to do hour after hour of cardio, and this so called “coach” only seems to tell you that you have to do more.


Eventually your fat loss stalls, you start to feel that need to indulge, that little voice telling you to eat that freaking cake and end up with the misery.


What happens next? You probably quit, feeling both disappointed and quite angry. And next thing you know you are picking up all that delicious food you left behind (along with all the weight you lose, plus a little more just in case).


That is the typical way of dieting.


We are not typical. In fact, we hate typical.


In Fitness Playbook our mission is to help you to learn how to enjoy your favorite foods while you get leaner (or stronger, that’s up to you), how to train properly to achieve your goals and how to make fitness (or bodybuilding) adapt to your lifestyle and never the other way around.


There is a better way, easier, smarter, science backed. That’s what we are all about.