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Dairy, good or bad?

In just one word, good. In a few more words, dairy is a great food group, providing a wide range of health benefits, including: Improved bone health Immune system aid Help with hypertension (mild) Help with weight control Increased satiety Muscle gainzzz Yet, there seems to be a massive campaign against dairy from fitness (pseudo) […]

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Cellulite: A woman’s worst enemy

Our friends from MacroFitness invited us to collaborate in a short article about cellulite and how to address it and here it is:   Cellulite can be very frustrating. You read about it everywhere. From beauty magazines to fitness «gurus» on social media, they all put their 2 cents on this subject, often contradicting themselves. They talk about […]

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Dieta Flexible: ¿Qué es? ¿Cómo Funciona?

¿Qué significa comer de forma flexible? Significa comer lo que te gusta, mientras le das a tu cuerpo lo que necesita para alcanzar tus metas. Tan simple como eso. “Se trata de encontrar la forma más simple y efectiva para obtener el cuerpo que quieres, con tan poco esfuerzo y ansiedad como sea posible” -Armi […]

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