Best of The Week of April 12

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Is that time of the week again.

I know you are looking forward to GOT’s season premiere tonight.

At least I am, I just binge watched seasons 1 to 4 for the 3rd time 😀

So to make the wait easier, here are the most interesting articles published this week:

From Our Blog

The 2 BEST Exercises for Huge Triceps by Abraham Aguilera – What if I told you that most isolation work you do for triceps leave them greatly under stimulated? In this post I share with you 2 great exercises to get your arms growing – fast.

Best in Nutrition


The «Food Babe» Blogger Is Full of Shit by Yvette d’Entremont AKA «Science Babe» – So the Science Babe is -like me- a person who values science. She is a scientist and a fine writer. In this article she explains with sound evidence why Vani Hari should be banned from the internet, for good. Must read.

Losing Fat Without Macro Counting – 10 Simple Strategies by Jason Helmes – Most of the industry (at least the evidence based segment) greatest contributed to this post. Don’t get me wrong, me, as well as them, love Flexible Dieting and tracking. But it can get tough over time. If you are struggling, try the strategies outlined here.

Best in Training

Where Broscience Meets Evidence by Coach Lawrence SBS – This was fun to read, mostly because it’s true. Evidence based fitness has come a long way, but some of the «bros» are now just using science as an excuse for being dumb.

5 Things People Need to Stop Overthinking by Greg Nuckols – Another week, another great post by Greg. You may be surprised with how little matters some of the things you often worry about in the gym. Go ahead and read.

A Bigger Range of Motion Isn’t Always a Better Range of Motion by Jordan Syatt – You see with the arise of evidence based fitness, coaches are now driven to recommend always going full ROM on every exercise anyone does. This is a mistake and Jordan Syatt explains why.


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