Fitplaybook’s Best of The Week (29-03-2015)

HI there!

Hope you had a great week. To top it off, I leave you guys with my pick of the absolute best of the Internet this week:

At our blog

Overeating and compensating with cardio? You may be making it worse by Abraham Aguilera – it happens to all of us, we lose control and eat more than we were supposed to. In this article I tell you why you SHOULDN’T do any extra cardio to compensate.

Best in Nutrition

4 Science Based ‘Super-Foods you should be eating by – well, let’s face it. There are no real ‘super foods’, but this 4 come damn close, and actually have some research to back it.

How the Pursue of Perfection Ruined Me by Juliana Conci-Mitchell – this is a great story about being radical with your diet. A case for balance and moderation.

Calorie Restriction and Intermittent Fasting by Precision Nutrition – they cover both subjects with a sharp critical thinking, plus, a comprehensive guide to start on IF, in case you are interested.

Best in Training

Learning From The Pros – Kai Greene by The Strength Guys there’s a lot more to be learned from elite athletes like Kai than most of us are aware. Just being «buff» is not his only strength.

Master the Deadlift with 4 Deadlift Video Tutorials and an Entire Manual…FREE by Jordan Syatt – now if you need help with your DL, this is it. Progressions, videos, technique. Everything.

Avoiding Cardio Could Be Holding You Back by Greg Nuckols – Here Greg beheads the BS around cardio training. Hint: some of it will actually improve your lifts.

Recommended Read

The Art and Science of Lifting by Greg Nuckols and Omar Isuf – Published this week, these two eBooks -which I’ve already read- lay the foundation to understand lifting the way pros do. Real pros. Science pros. Not a page is wasted here.


That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoy the info. Next week we’ll have a little word about dairy. Such a misunderstood food group.

See you guys soon!
– Coach Abe