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The Secret 


As almost everyone related to the fitness or health industry can tell you, the formula for having the body you want and being as healthy as you can is diet + exercise (and rest). There is no other way.


But we have a secret that we want to share with you.


A secret to make dieting a pleasing thing, and to optimize your training to get actual results.


Are you ready? Keep reading.


Sit tight.


Buckle up.


The secret is…


Well, actually there is no secret. There is only science. Thermodynamics, kinetics, biology, physics, etc., they all play a role.

But we are not here to bore you to death; we are here to make it simple for you.


Let’s begin.


The most important thing you need to do before starting


Before even going grocery shopping or signing up in the gym: you need to set your goals.  Learn how to do it, here.


The approach of diet you should be using


It’s called flexible dieting. It’s THE way to make your diet enjoyable. It’s easy, effective, evidence based and, moreover, adaptable to your personal preferences and lifestyle.


You can read more about it here.


Train and get results


How to train: the optimal way. There are a few rules we use to conduct proper strength training, and you can use them too. We discuss them here.


Learn Even More


Visit our blog section, its full of articles to further expand everything you now know. We look into the latest research, exercise tips, food recipes, myth debunking and more.


Don’t want to do it all on your own?


We can also put everything together for you.

With our coaching plans, starter packs, meal plans and eBooks you only have to worry about eating and going to the gym. Everything else is on us.

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