Best of The Week of April 19

Hi there!

Hope you are having a great weekend. I’m enjoying some rest and recovery after week 2 of my cut and new training program.

Btw, I’m already down 4 pounds, eating what I like and having the occasional beer now and then.

I know, I know, the law of diminishing returns will kick in shortly, but this is is a sweet phase of one’s diet, lol.

So anyways, back to business, our roundup:

From our Blog

With summer so short ahead, this has been a very busy week here at Fitness Playbook, a lot of people has come to us for help on their quest to a beach body.

We have been working like crazy, so no blog post from us this time.

Best in Nutrition

When If It Fits Your Macros Becomes If It Fits Your Mouth by Adam Ali – This is the best blog post I’ve read on flexible dieting in a while. It talks very frankly about the struggle of a lot of people trying on IIFYM, and the importance of finding what works for you.

3 Science Based Steps to Curbing Your Appetite by Kamal Patel – another gem by’s blog. Managing hunger is, without doubt, the key to success in any form of dieting.

A lifters guide to Alcohol by Dr Jade Teta – ever wondered the effect of alcohol in your lifts?

Best in Training

3 Reasons Your Calves Aren’t Growing by Menno Henselmans – This article touches me personally (chopstick legs team checking in).

Considerations for For Decreasing Injury Risk During Physical Training by NSCA – safety should be the number one concern when designing a training program. NSCA’s folks give out some sound recommendations here.

4 of the Worst Deadlift Mistakes You Could Ever Make by Jordan Syatt – Jordan is a world powerlifting record holder, so he goes on and lists 4 mistakes you probably weren’t aware of.


imagePhysicians Speak out Against Dr. Oz – this one is not fitness related, but as someone who appreciates science, I’m very glad the scientific community is finally exposing that wacko, and demanding him out of Columbia Univeristy.

And that’s it for the week, next week we have a very special announcement for you guys regarding summer, and 2 blog posts lined up on a couple of interesting topics.

Talk you soon,

– Coach Abraham



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