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Fuerza relativa y fuerza absoluta: ¿Eres tan fuerte como crees?

Fuerza relativa y fuerza absoluta: ¿Eres tan fuerte como crees?Una hormiga pesa aproximadamente 3 mg mientras que un elefante de especie loxodonta africana o elefante de sabana (ese mismo que sale en las películas, gris de colmillos blancos y largos) pesa aproximadamente 6000 kilogramos. La hormiga en promedio levanta 40 veces su peso corporal mientras […]

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Top 5 Supplements That Actually Work

Dietary supplement industry’s global sales for 2014 was estimated to be around $50 billion. Funny thing is that most of those supplements don’t have any effect. That’s right, I said it. None. Zero. Zilch. Most of those supps are just overhyped placebo pills with very weak research to back them up, but with brilliant marketing techniques […]

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Best of The Week of April 12

Hi there! Is that time of the week again. I know you are looking forward to GOT’s season premiere tonight. At least I am, I just binge watched seasons 1 to 4 for the 3rd time 😀 So to make the wait easier, here are the most interesting articles published this week:

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Best Of The Week of April 5

Hello and Happy Easter! First, a little rant. Yesterday it was my birthday and heck, I had a TON of the best brownie you can possibly imagine. No lies here. So why am I telling you this? Just as a friendly reminder, it is ok to eat a little extra when it is worth it. […]

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