Best Of The Week of April 5

Hello and Happy Easter!

First, a little rant.

Yesterday it was my birthday and heck, I had a TON of the best brownie you can possibly imagine. No lies here.

So why am I telling you this? Just as a friendly reminder, it is ok to eat a little extra when it is worth it.

So my birthday is only once per year, I was with my girl who made me the most awesome cake one could wish for. I didn’t track nothing, just sat down and enjoyed myself and my amazing brownie.

Today? I move on, back on track with diet and no harm done (well, some harm was done, but it was worth it). Remember, balance is key. And not only eating balanced foods, but living a balanced life.

Now, as usual, here are this week’s top links:

From Our Blog

Dairy, good or bad? By Abraham Aguilera – Dairy is just great. However, it has taken a massive undermining in social media. After you read this post, you’ll know you probably made a mistake removing it from your diet. Spoiler alert: dairy can get you a six pack, faster.

Best in Nutrition

Dietary Tracking Continuum – The Effortless Guide to Periodizing Your Nutrition by Gregg Slater – This is a huge piece. Tracking macros to the gram is just not for everyone, all the time. Here, fellow coach Gregg from SBS, suggest some alternative strategies to follow.

Caffeine – Gives (Your Performance) Wings by Coach Ally SBS – Are you drinking coffee just to stay awake for the finals? What if it can give you a boost in the gym? Read.

How Do We Know What Substances Are Harmful? at GUS Blog – So people are counting chemicals in food like crazy this day. This blog post pretty much explains why that should be on the bottom of your «things to concern about» list.

Best in Training

What the Hell does «toned» means anyway? by James Fell – This is gold. I can’t count how many clients have asked me for help to get «toned». A few experts weight in on what that really means. Hint: Want to get toned? Build some muscle, then lose some fat. That’s it.

Understanding the Conjugated Sequencing Model by Greg Haff – From the NSCA, this is a nice piece on an advance form of programming.

Stress: In The Gym, Out of The Gym, and How it Affects Your Program and Progress by Greg Nuckols – This is an excerpt of the books I recommended last week. I believe the tittle sums it up very well. BTW, if you are not paying attention to your stress levels, you should.

So that’s it for the week, a ton of great articles, a ton of knowledge at your disposal.

See you next week,

– Coach Abe.